Video Production

We offer a complete video production package; from the start of your journey, planning and conceptualising to help get your ideas from your mind onto paper, to the production stage itself, working closely with you on set to ensure we get the shots you want, and finally ending with post production, offering a very comprehensive editing and sound package that we are certain will bring your vision to life in a unique and distinguished way.

We are happy to work both in close synergy with you, or in a more independent fashion, so you can be sure that whatever your video production needs, Davis & Friend can provide a tailored service to suit you.

  • Pre-Production

  • Cinematography

  • Directing

  • Post-Production

Visual Effects

Davis & Friend has built a reputation of quality and affordability across all our services, and this has allowed us to work our VFX magic with some big names such as McLaren and Jaguar. We specialise in VFX Cleanup, but are proud to also offer a range of visual effects services including Multi-layer Compositing, Matte Painting, 2D and 3D Matchmoving, and Chroma Key Compositing.

  • Clean Up

  • Tracking

  • Compositing

  • Matte Painting

  • Chroma Key

Motion Graphics

Displaying information in an interesting way can be a challenge. The use of Motion Graphics has been a popular solution to this problem for years. As video becomes a more popular format, we start to see more examples of motion graphics in advertising, film, TV, online video and more. We work very hard to provide motion graphics that fit your branding so that your business image stays consistent and recognisable.

  • Infographics

  • Typography

  • Idents

  • Title Sequences

  • Promotional Video